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Level 1 is an initiative of the Religious Conference Management Association (RCMA) designed to educate faith-based planners at a grass-roots level. While many people of faith are involved in planning events, many would not consider themselves ‘event-planners’. Level 1 is designed to provide training in event/meeting planning at a basic/101 level to such planners.

In practice, Level 1 events will be conducted in partnership with a host venue/CVB in areas where a sizeable number of planners can participate. For maximum effectiveness, areas where numerous large churches/congregations are located would be ideal. In some settings, Level 1 may be conducted in conjunction with our Aspire regional conferences.

At a minimum, a Level 1 training would be conducted over a 3-hour period and would include topics such as: goal setting, meeting planning basics, terminology, event budgeting, on-site operations, managing volunteers, marketing and promotion.