Planners — $50

Membership is open to an individual who serves within a religious organization (volunteer or paid) and is presently involved in the planning and/or managing of its meetings, seminars, conferences, assemblies or other gatherings. These events are typically held in venues such as hotels, convention centers, conference centers, campuses, etc. These members are seek to improve their techniques and strategy through education and are seeking information related to venues capable to hosting their future events. Planners will be identified as:

  • Local
  • Regional
  • National
  • Global (International)

Suppliers — $195

Membership is open to any supplier who represents an organization or firm that provides facilities, transportation or special services required to produce successful events for religious organizations. Some examples include:

  • Hotels
  • Convention Centers
  • CVBs
  • Production Company
  • Entertainment Venue
  • Software Company
  • Promotional Item Companies
  • Transportation Companies
  • DMC’s (Destination Management Company)
  • Speaker Bureaus

Students — $25

Student membership is available, regardless of age, to anyone that is currently enrolled in a class, course or program of study related to the hospitality industry. (i.e., hospitality, hotel/motel management, event management, etc.)

Emeritus (Retired)— $25

Emeritus membership is available to an individual planner or supplier who has proven a lifelong involvement, passion and purpose in the realm of religious events. This person desires to help others succeed, is willing to continue to invest in the lives of other.