RCMA is the proven faith-based association for meeting planners and suppliers, nurturing a community that inspires exceptional meetings.


The Religious Conference Management Association is a professional, nonprofit, multifaith organization consisting of individuals who are responsible for planning and/or managing meetings, tutorials, conferences, conventions, and assemblies for their religious organizations.

Founded in 1972, RCMA has built a solid reputation for enhancing the professionalism of its members as well as its suppliers. For over 35 years, RCMA has dedicated itself to improving the experience of religious meeting attendees throughout the world.

RCMA helps create an atmosphere where both planners and suppliers join together to learn from each other's experiences, thereby expanding their professional expertise. We strive at making personal interaction both practical and convenient. 



  • Gain invaluable insight into the arts and sciences of religious meeting management.

  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in the religious meeting field.

  • Expand their scope of knowledge thus creating growth.

  • Earn credits for the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) credential.




RCMA is the only multifaith, not-for-profit, international association comprised exclusively of religious meeting planners that continues to set the standard for those providing services within this specialized field.

RCMA is an organization that raises the bar when it comes to religious meeting planning. Through the years this has enabled us to attract the meeting planner members representing denominations and religious organizations. Plus, the association embraces key representatives of leading hotels, convention bureaus, conference centers, airlines and service companies. 



Religious Meeting Professionals: It doesn't matter if you are responsible for one meeting or fifty, you perform a key function for your religious organization. It's a proven fact that in order to effectively execute one's planning and management responsibilities, an individual must continue to sharpen skills and increase knowledge. The Religious Conference Management Association is designed specifically to help you achieve the highest levels of professionalism and make you a more effective leader within your respected organization.

Suppliers: RCMA provides you the opportunity to meet and become acquainted with key religious meeting professionals....people who require the type of facilities and services that your organization has to offer. Don't miss out! This is your opportunity to network with other RCMA members and greatly expand your contacts within the field of religion.

Students: RCMA welcomes anyone that is currently enrolled in a class, course or program of study related to the hospitality industry. (i.e., hospitality, hotel/motel management, event management, etc.) to join and learn alongside industry professionals.