Welcome to the RCMA Tool Kit

The RCMA Tool Kit was developed by the Executive Supplier Council as a user friendly and adaptable resource for any planner to obtain information for a conference, leading to great results. Below are descrptions of the documents provided along with the contact information of Council Member that created them. To the right are buttons where you can download the documents. 

We will continue to add more information to the Tool Kit, but if you feel there is something specific that should be added now please contact Ted Miller (tedmillerchicago@gmail.com) or any member of the council. We welcome your suggestions and comments.


The RFP blank forms show the information that you should supply when seeking a proposal from a specific hotel, city or cities. The more information you provide especially on your past history and items purchased such as food and beverage will help the supplier to give you their best offer. Remember that a hotel or any other supplier has limits on the pricing they can provide. Examples of completed forms are included for large, medium and smaller events as a guide. If you have further questions please contact Sandra Schutrop who developed the forms.

Sandra Schutrop, Director of Religious Sales, Worldwide Accounts, Hilton Worldwide Sales
T: 972-579-4783  M: 214-458-2606  |  sandra.schutrop@hilton.com


The Audio Visual Section contains information on standard equipment and their basic uses. Depending the venue you select for your event will limit or increase the capabilities of the equipment and the choices of equipment available. If you have further questions please contact Jeff Perrin who developed the information.

Jeffrey F. Perrin, CMP, Director, Strategic Accounts
The Americas, Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
T: 407-370-3351   M: 407-230-8888  |  


The Economic Evaluation by Location Section gives you a tool to determine what room pricing is considered normal. Some locations show seasonal pricing which is based on current business trends. The pricing is a tool to see if a city is financially feasible for your event. Depending on the business demand over specific dates you may find pricing higher or lower. If you have further questions on how to use this section please contact Ted Miller who developed it.



In this section you will find Site Inspection Tips to help you in your pre-planning prior to conducting your site inspection and items to observe while on property. It is very important to understand the difference between décor and functionality of any facility. The success of your event will ultimately rely on functionality. Additionally you will find a Check List to carry with you to help you score the facility. Fill out as much information as you can in advance which will help you ask the questions that are most important to you. If you have further questions regarding these items please contact Scott Falk whose team developed the material.

T. Scott Falk, Vice President, Arrowhead Conferences and Events
Direct: 760.722.1044   |   Mobile: 760.443.2862  |  www.arrowheadconferences.org