Six Health and Wellness Ideas to Meet Mindfully


Planning your event involves so many details, so many logistics to consider, that sometimes prioritizing the emotional health and wellbeing of your attendees can take a backseat to other concerns. Knowing that people respond better to information and content when they’re in a good mind space and feeling well physically, it’s important to carve out opportunities during your event that give your attendees a chance to center themselves and refresh their bodies.

Here are some ideas that may be helpful as you look for ways to best care for your attendees.


Provide early morning opportunities for relaxation, meditation or exercise.

For many people, preparing for the day ahead is an important routine that they look to continue even when traveling or attending an event. Offering guided meditation, yoga classes or other fitness options is a great way to give attendees the chance to start their morning in the right mindset. 

If possible, use one of the breakout rooms during main sessions as a quiet space for journaling, prayer, meditation or other quiet practices. 

Having a designated area that allows people a physical space to get away from a crowded session or meeting can be a wonderful gift to your attendees. We all know what it’s like to feel distracted, preoccupied or even tense during an event, and making a room available for people to process or take a break is a great way to support your guests.

Offer healthy food options for every meal. 

This may seem obvious, but providing the right food and drinks for your event can mean the difference between an alert, engaged audience or a sluggish, sleepy one. Instead of soft drinks, offer sparkling or fruit-flavored water. Rather than chips, candy or pastries, provide nuts, fruit and organic snack options. Everybody loves sweets, but making healthy choices will help your participants remain energized during a long day.

Allow your attendees enough time to sleep

There’s often a temptation to overload an event schedule in order to maximize the experience and content over the course of a few days. Guests want to take advantage of everything they can, even at the expense of their own physical energy. Getting the right amount of sleep is crucial for processing and retaining information, as well as being at one’s best socially. Resist the temptation to schedule sessions too early and give your attendees a chance to have a relaxed, restful morning. 

Have a professional instructor lead fitness breaks.

Sitting in sessions for several hours a day can be difficult and fatigue your guests. Hiring a professional to guide your attendees through some physical activity can give your event a jolt of much-needed energy. If you think your audience won’t participate in anything too strenuous, build some light physical activity into the schedule. 

Search for meeting spaces that do some of the work for you.

When planning your event, try to find facilities that have built-in amenities like air purifiers, ergonomic seating, and even circadian lighting. Booking your attendees at a hotel that creates an environment designed to care for its guests will lead to a happier, more engaged audience. 



Drew Brown